From the Global Church
to the Global Field

Mobilizers from all around the globe met to discuss, plan, and learn together. To make a significant impact, we must partner together. Together we can mobilize from the global church to the global field!

What Happened

  • Connected with other mission mobilizers and established a regional mobilization network.
  • Identified common obstacles and tackled challenging issues with other mission mobilizers from around the world.
  • Collaborated in order to accelerate the mobilization of the global Church to reach the unreached.
  • Familiarized ourselves with a wide range of useful mobilization tools and resources.
  • Were encouraged, renewed and refreshed in our role as a mobilizer by spending daily time in the Word and prayer with other mobilizers.
  • Received updated information on the status of world missions, the Mobilization Index, and the 3D Model of Mobilization.

Keynote Addresses

We had many exciting plenary speakers and workshop leaders serving at GMC 2019. We learned from many whom had decades of mobilization experience, and others who are doing exciting new things! Men and women from all over the globe came and encouraged one another. From Australia to Zambia, and many countries in between including: Brazil, Costa Rica, Pakistan, India, England, Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana, Ethiopia, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Africa, USA, Malaysia, Canada, Indonesia, Togo, South Korea. We were excited that so many global voices were heard and shared!

.. 1 ..

From the global church to the global field—find your role

Setting the scene for our consultation together— what is your role in the global field?

.. 2 ..

Celebrating hope

Thanking God for the mobilization gains that have been made and considering the state of missions.

.. 3 ..

From a thousand Jerusalems

Expanding the mobilization force. Be inspired by the mobilization index and find out how to use it in your context.

.. 4 ..

Mobilization is bigger than we think

Find out how the 3D model of mobilization is being used in case studies and examples from around the world.

.. 5 ..

Further together

Collaboration. Why do we need to collaborate, what is the role of the local church and how can we overcome barriers to collaborating?

.. 6 ..

Spreading the fire—from the global church to the global field

Challenges and building momentum.