Together, we can mobilize a global mission force to finish the task.

Through a series of discussions with leaders from multiple countries over the years, a consensus arose that there is a need for a neutral global network focused on mission mobilization. The Global Mobilization Network (GMN) is the answer to that need. Our diversity is our greatest strength. Join us. 

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Special mission consultation draws Christian leaders from 42 countries

Dubai, UAE – Three hundred global Church and Mission leaders from 42 nations met in Dubai at the end of 2017 to explore new ways to enhance mission mobilization among the nations.

The special consultation held November 27-30 was organized by the Global Mobilization Network (GMN). In his opening address, Dr. TV Thomas, Chairman of GMN, said, “In a world of growing polycentric missions (“from everywhere to everywhere”) we need to engage in intentional paradigm changes and prayer saturation for mission mobilization. Only then will we fulfill in blessing the people groups of the world with God’s promise.

During the consultation a 3-D framework for mission mobilization was introduced, exploring the Discovery, Development and Deployment dimensions of mission mobilization. Feedback from the consultation will improve the model that helps define an outcome based approach to mission mobilization.

The gathering of mobilizers had a robust schedule with plenary and small group interactive sessions. New relationships were forged and new collaborative partnerships are emerging for effective mobilization in strategic locations around the world. Participants were invited to join working groups to continue the conversation started in Dubai.

One mobilizer from India said, “In the fast-changing world of missions, GMC helped me clarify our focus and find a proper pace with that change.

Another mobilizer from the Philippines said, “We are deeply encouraged to see that collaboration amongst fellow mobilizers from all over the world is within reach, and this can usher success in everyone’s effort in mobilizing for the nations, to the glory of our Father in heaven.

The consultation concluded with a unique time of prayer outside under the Arabian stars.

The GMN exists as a network to facilitate community among mobilizers through communication, cooperation and collaboration. Our next Global Mobilization Consultation will be held in Sao Paulo, Brazil, December 2-5, 2019.

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